[Camera Plugin] Camera Plugin - Local Storage
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Published on 10 Dec 2020
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im pretty new to outsystems. I made an app using the camera plugin. I want to take a picture and then show the result on another screen. But if I take a picture it doesnt save in the local storage. I would appreciate it if someone could check out my oml and tell me whats wrong.

Furthermore is there a possibily to just show the pictures taken with the app instead of every picture on the phone?

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hello Bob

you did everything right, you just need to redirect to the detail pagedata is being saved to the local database correctly

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Hey, thank you very much! That worked fine.

After getting it to work i tried to make the connection to the detailpage with an extra button on the mainscreen, because i think the app is better to use if you take several pictures and then check out which picture is the best rather than getting redirected to the detailpage right after you take a picture. But it doesnt work... (see the attached oml)

If i use the app with the flow you showed me, it only saves the one picture i took. I cant go back, take another picture and then see the 2 pictures in that screen. Can you help me with that problem as well?

Thank you very much!!


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hi Bob

I don't know if I understood your need 

I made two small changes to your code and the list was displayed


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Thank you so much! This turned out great! Can you tell me the two small changes? I only found the one where you changed PicturesId to NullIdentifier().

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I also changed the aggregate filter in PicturesDetails 

if the ID is informed it filters by the ID, otherwise it returns all records 

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you can also check all changes using the comparison option in the Module menu