Learning OutSystems to make a career change from a SysAdmin


I have a 5+ years of SysAdmin experince in a small shop (was based in Dubai). Did most of my work on Windows but I also started learning Linux side (mostly home-lab), maintained Wordpress website (did HTML, CSS and very few JS, PHP, MYSQL and selenium). I am also a self-taught Java developer (no production work experience). 

Two year I moved to Portugal and now I am working totally outside of IT (Retail). I still spend my free time on learning programming languages. Recently I came to know about OutSystems and it's market share in Portugal.

So my question is should I learn Outsystems? How is the job market in Lisbon or Porto areas? and most important at the age of 39 am I just kidding myself or is there a possibility to get a job as a junior developer in Portugal?

Also want to mention that I am not a Portuguese speaker (still learning).



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Hi Sibtain,

Portugal and The Netherlands are the two countries in the world with the most OutSystems developers.

So yes I would like to think you have good career opportunities as an OutSystems developer.

The nice part of OutSystems is that you can learn it for free on outsystems.com/learn, and certify yourself as an OutSystems developer (not for free).

I started my OutSystems career when I was already way in my 40s, age should not be the limit if you have an extensive career in IT. It all depends how easy you can learn and adopt to the OutSystems way of software development. Salary wise of course it can be a challenge especially if you have already many years of experience in other IT technology, and start from zero 0 with OutSystems.



Hi Daniel,

Thanks man I appreciate the reply and happy to hear about no "age limit". I am seriously looking into OutSystems and hopefully get a job after getting the certs or maybe before it who knows. Salary is something I do think about but luckily it's just me and my wife (no-kids) so we might have to adjust a little bit. lets see.