Your feedback has been heard! Human voice on training

Hello fellow Community members!

As you might have noticed, we have been using a text-to-speech approach in some of the videos of our online training. It may sound strange at first (and some of you actually provided feedback on this!) but this allows us to create and update videos in minutes.

This is especially important while the features are still being developed and the content needs to be updated quite often, because that way we can provide updated content to all of you as quicker as it gets.

We've now reached a point where we feel that it's important to have a real human voice. Therefore we are starting to update the videos in the Reactive Web guided path with audio from professional voice-over talent.

The following courses are now updated and live:

Share your feedback with us!

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Hi Miguel,

It's really a great change and we all community members enjoy the learnings.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


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Hi Miguel, 

Thank you for the nice news. Great job?

Best Regards

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Hey Miguel,

I completely get the benefit of TTS from an OutSystems point of view, but as a consumer I'm really excited for this change!

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Hi Miguel,

I understand the need to update videos more quickly, but certainly having a human voice explaining is much more enjoyable, which allows us to spend more time in training. Congratulations for the initiative!

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Hi Miguel, 

Totally understand why you would take an automated approach to updating the videos.  Some are OK, certainly for expediency.  However, a human voice, with real intonation goes a long way in understanding and retaining the information.  Thanks so much for adding more human voices to the videos!

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I'm a bit disappointed the TTS is not yet ready for common use but thanks for hearing what the users need.

What about subtitles? Are they still good or are generated automatically from the human audio?

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I guess we will eventually get to a point where TTS will be hard to distinguish from humans :)

Regarding subtitles, no change there. They are not auto-generated. We actually use the source text for the subtitles, so we get capitalization, punctuation and etc. 

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It's better with human intonation than robot voice hahaha.

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It's really great to have this feature in learning videos, Thanks for letting know Miguel Domingues!!

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Niceeee !!!!!!!!

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Yes! Great news! Tks.

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good news!!