Open Network drive from the browser

Hi All, 

I want to open the Specific folder from the Network Drive through the Web Application. Application has the list of Folder paths, If i click any list Item it should redirect me to the Folder. it may be in browser window or Windows Explorer.

We tried "Window.open()" it doesn't help. 

any alternative ideas or forge Components is available?


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Hello Navaneethan,

This will differ based on operating system a bit. For local drives, you can use window.open() to access file:/// + the path (on Windows, change backslash to forwardslash, e.g. file:///C:/Windows). Your application of course won't have any access to the data, but your browser can navigate to it.

For network drives, on Mac or Linux you might be able to use the smb:// protocol. I'm not positive, but your browser might also be able to access it like \\HOST\ShareName.

Hope that helps!