Build for the Future hackathon - Ready! Set! Go.

Remember back in March of 2020 (we will never forget that, right?) when the whole Community rolled up their sleeves to make a difference and help those in need through the COVID-19 Community Response program? Well, this left an important mark on us and it was a clear sign that our Community has the power to change the world. Not only do you have the passion to help others, but you also have the skills to do so. Inspired by the energy and determination of our developer community and the passion and commitment of our staff, we decided to keep helping community-minded organizations to build software that makes a difference and give them the power to innovate.

To keep the momentum going,  we did not think twice when embarking on the Build for the Future hackathon, to help build apps that will make a difference in people’s lives. We know that nonprofits often are doing amazing work and changing their communities with very little resources and support, but with a lot of passion and dedication. So it was only natural to reach out to a few and see how we can help them with our technology, skills, and community. We invited OutSystems Partners to be part of the initiative and counted on their expertise, resources, and goodwill. The response was amazing! We were only able to accept 15 teams and with such a great response, we filled all the spaces. Thank you for that!  

Today we started a five weeks long journey where 15 Partner teams will build the solution and the perfect app for the three nonprofits. 

  1. Nelson Mandela University Center for Community Technologies

This app will help people in rural areas of South Africa learn more about cancer, enabling them to detect the early signs. This organization is a UN innovation award winner.

  1. Strength United
    This USA based nonprofit provides emotional, psychological, and legal support to the survivors of violence, and this new app will allow safer connection to the services and faster response. 

  2. Zer0hunger
    Due to the pandemic, a lot of people do not have essentials, and this organization is dedicated to creating a platform that will enable faster and more efficient food distribution to those in need in Malaysia. 

Throughout the five weeks, teams will face multiple milestones and moments of reflection and feedback from the OutSystems team. This way altogether will be contributing to the solution that will live its full potential once in the hands of the nonprofit organizations. 

Everyone participating is a winner here and for the team that builds the selected solution, OutSystems will offer $1,500 to donate to the nonprofit of their choice, making sure the ripples of doing good go far and deep.

The competing applications will be assessed based on a few criteria:

  1. Applicability of the solution

  2. Tech quality 

  3. UX/UI quality 

  4. Demo quality 

We grouped a nice bunch of experts who will be evaluating the final solutions:

Let’s give a big shoutout to the great teams that are participating in the hackathon by contributing their skills and time to a great cause - making the world a better place! 

Our Community keeps showing that doing good is important and that the only way forward is by giving back. We will open the final presentation (demo day) for the public and you will be able to see all the amazing apps teams developed! 

This is one of the first social impact initiatives, but it is not the last one - stay tuned on what is more to come.

If you are participating wave your hand ?? and we wish you the best of luck! 

Let's make a difference! 

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Great initiative! I wish all the very best to all the teams who are participating and contributing for this noble cause.

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Great programme, and good luck to everyone involved. Change the world one low code at a time!

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One more great initiative!!  I've applied for this, hoping for the best :)


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This is great! Well done for using your super powers for a better world!