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Hi Miguel,

I tired to use the plugin you have created. 

However, it is not able to compile due to cordova issue.

The error as follows:

In iOS on 19-01-2021 at 10:38:08 - Error installing a Cordova plugin. Due to security concerns, the required dependency for the 'xcode' node module in a plugin hook was missing. For more details, check the product documentation on how to ensure your plugins node dependencies.

Attached detailed error of MABS.

Please advice.

Appreciate. Thank you.





Darryl NG

I had the same problem, got it solved by changing the MABS version that generates the mobile app. I was using version 7.0 and changed it to 6.3, which solved the issue. 

I solved going into the Service Center -> Applications -> Your app -> Tab Distribute. Click in Configure (for the platform that you pretend, iOS or Android), and then you can change your MABS version.

After the change tries to generate again.

Check the screenshots.


Gonçalo Almeida

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