Override extensibility configuration just for one screen.

I have set the screen to be in portrait mode in the extensibility configurations of my app. But if I want my screen to auto- rotate for just one screen, how do I override it just for that particular screen?

Like for example: If my app is in portrait mode, but I want to have an option to view a video in both landscape and portrait mode.

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Hi Amol,

If you only want one screen to have different orientation, you could use this plugin (https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/1429/screen-orientation-plugin)

and put the LockOrientation Action on the OnLoad of the screen. Dont forget release using Unlockorientation in the onDestroy

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Is this component stable? According to you?

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From my opinion, yes, because this is created by Experts (They have many component that also adopted by Outsystems to become standard)