About Lifetime login screen.

Hello everyone.

When you log in to Lifetime, you may see a different input screen. 

Can you tell me what the difference is between them? 

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Hi Satoshi,

I'm not sure what you mean. Can you explain in more detail? 

Some screenshots would help too.



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Over the course of different lifetime versions, the login screen did change quite a bit. Are you comparing 2 completely different lifetime installations? If so, you might check the versions to see if they are quite different or not.

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Not sure if I understand the context of the question but when you are login on lifetime you have a different login page cuz probably the layout and theme from lifetime is different from the one used on your application

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Thank you everyone for your answers. 

I've seen several Lifetime login screens. 

I would like to know what the difference is.


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Hi satoshi seki,

Did you refer to the login screen have an old (first image) or new (second image) theme/look and feel?

This happens because of the version of Lifetime that you have installed. The second image is the most recent layout and is more similar/uniform with other tools (for example service center - image below)

In this example, the first image is an older version of Lifetime and the second image is my Personal environment with the most recent version.