Can't show data in ListTable due to multiple selectValues and didn't work save action
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Hello, I'm trying to create dropdown with multiple checkBox values and want to save these values in table list on each record.At first, I created Bootstrap entity and import in DB. I hhave 3 Categories like Flower,Vegetable and Herb.In each Category want to show 3 screen(List, Insert, View).


?Now I can’t save my selected values in List Screen and List Screen can't show off nothing.

?Why can’t see selected multiple values in Browser.It may cause due to CheckBox OnChange Action?

?Save Button and Clear List Button for selected values didn’t work.

Can I get checking my oml and I'll attach some screenshots.

Hoping precious answer and Thanks.



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Hi Hayasaka,

you can implement a multi-select combo box by using ListBox Widget and DropDown Select.

You can refer to the screenshot as well.


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Hi Shivansh, thanks for your suggestion to use ListBox widget and dropdown Select. It was useful.

But I don't understand why you used MainDetail Screen and can't see listbox values to select.  Save Action didn't work and I tried save Action by  another way.Unfortunately, also didn't work. I will send you excel file that want to be this pattern and esp want to save each values from list box in ListTable.Thanks for giving time and want to you check excel file and I desired that.And will be attach oml again .




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Sorry check below oml.Thanks