what is the difference between v10 vs v11 ?

Hello All,

Can any one help in understanding what is the difference between v10 vs v11, what are the new features added in the out systems  v11. i am not able to find in google.com.

what is the difference between v10 vs v11 ?

Anything related to this will be helpful like Description, any Video, Snaps/images  or URL/link.

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Hi JK2020,

So many things already evolved since v11 is out that is hard to answer all of them in a short comment, but you can find in the link below a good place to start with this OutSystems article on the differences:

New in OutSystems 11 - OutSystems 


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You can use try the below link to understand..

Hi there!

Please refer to the links to get an overview on both versions:

Older thread about this subject

New in Outsystems 11

End of support for outsystems 10

And from my point of view, Outsystems 11 is a huge step forward from version 10, with tons of new features and quality of life improvements for developers