[Drag-n-drop Sortable List] Use drag n drop table for reactive web app
Forge component by Renato Pauleta
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Hey all i want to implement exactly what this forge component does but for my reactive application how do i apply the same is there anyway i  can clone it I'm fairly new so any help will be appreciated.

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This will not clone easily to Reactive. I suspect there is a Reactive version of this on the Forge, if not, you will need to start from scratch. It took quite a few dozen hours to make this work well in Traditional Web (especially the ability to drag/drop from one list to another), I suspect it will be easier to do in Reactive.


May I ask if you got this to work in reactive? 

Also, there is a demo page, but can I find the oml file of that page anywhere?


You can use this component for reactive https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/7688/sortable-af

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