Redirect to link in email after login (Traditional App)
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Good morning,

I have a traditional web app that will send an email that contains a link to a specific page loaded with the appropriate data. This works all well and good if  the user is already logged into the app. If they are not logged in, they are taken to the login page (great) but after login they are sent to the home page. I have see that with reactive web apps there are methods to redirect the user to the page as given in the email link they used. Can we do something similar in a traditional app?

As a supplementary question. Where a page contains a Navigation\Tab pattern, is there a way to activate a certain tab when the user arrives there from an email link?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Martin Rees,

When a user tries to access the page and it is not registered, it goes to the ExceptionHandler which will redirect the user to Login. By default, the parameter OriginalURL is used as an input to redirect the user to the page he was trying to access after logging in successfully:

In your example, when the user is redirect to Login screen on the OnException handler, the OriginalURL should contain the same link as the email.

Regarding the second question, you can have a parameter on your screen ActiveTab that is filled on the Tabs input parameter with the same name:

In this way, you can control the tab to be opened when redirecting to a screen.