Documentation for enterprise ecosystems

Hi everyone!

Our documentation team has been working on a brand new set of documentation that aims to address the needs of enterprise complex ecosystems.

We felt some topics required a more comprehensive approach and so we dug in. Our documentation team, the Product Management team, and our Field teams gathered to address these complex subjects that require us to step back and look at our product from a bird's eye view.

And here's what we tackled so far:

 Security and Compliance

Security shouldn't come at the expense of speed and productivity. Application security overview describes the security capabilities that OutSystems provides by default with additional guidance on how to develop secure applications that run in a secure environment.

We didn't stop there and we mapped OutSystems capabilities in addressing OWASP Top 10 for both web and mobile.

In the compliance space, we addressed HIPAA compliance for application in the health space and delivered a checklist for all the technical safeguards to account for.

Availability and scalability

Great apps require great infrastructure backup and high availability setups.
We went through all the layers (Load balancing, Platform components, database, and network) and OutSystems support for High availability and scalability in all of them.
To top it off, let's automate it! So we covered also elasticity setups with common virtualization technologies.


From front-end to back-end extensibility, we've walked the way from out-of-the-box to low code with advanced customization, and all the way to high-code, if necessary.


Enterprise ecosystems have a myriad of systems already in place, and we feel OutSystems should fit in. On Integrating OutSystems with your ecosystem, we aim to expand on all those integrations.

Infrastructure architecture

The first of a series about Infrastructure architecture and deployment options brings a peek into the underlying OutSystems architecture and wraps it up with infrastructure design examples for each edition. 

OutSystems Cloud network architecture showing the inbound/outbound connections, the security layers, and secure connectivity options to other systems.

More pieces are coming and we are expanding on content on some of them. I'll keep you posted. Let us know your feedback, comments, and rate these documents. Drop us a line on each of them on the "Leave your feedback" box on the right side.

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Excellent work, thanks!

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Thanks @Agno Silveira , that means a lot :)

When you have the chance, pick your favorite subject, rate the document, and leave us feedback.

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Hi Ana,

It's really good work by documentation, the Product Management team and other team members who all are involved to do this.

Thanks a lot to them and appreciate their hard work!

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Good work! Thanks

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Nice work!! Thanks for sharing!!

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These are going to be of great help during the pre-sales cycle. 

When we can fall back on official documentation and great pictures and schema's like these, it'll be much easier to convince new customers on topics of security and scalability for example. Keep up the good work.

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Great Job!! Cheers