500 Internal Server Error - Help !


I am trying to fill out a form to apply for a job. 

By the URL I assume that it is developed with this tool (OutSystems) of which I do not know anything. 

The problem is that, after filling several screens with my information from my CV  in one of the steps, a 500 error appears. 
I tried several times and always the same result. 
In addition, every time I have to register with a different email because the form begins with a login and if I repeat the email it tells me that it is already in use. 
If I put the password that I used it says it is invalid. 
I understand that it is surely a specific problem of the application developed by the company offering the job, but they insist that I fill out the form. 
What do you suggest I do? 

Thanks a lot.


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Hi Martin,

OutSystems is a Platform for developing web applications. So it could very well be the job application form is created by using OutSystems. Unfortunately, though OutSystems is a great tool, it's possible to create bugs with it as well. A 500 error means "internal server error", which could mean that the connection between the Outsystems front end and the company's back end is broken. On the other hand, you are saying that the application says the password is invalid, which doesn't sound as an HTML 500 error?

Anyway, unfortunately, there's nothing that we (the Community) can do anything about. So my suggestion would be to show the company the error, and tell them it's not possible for you to fill out the form, and ask them if there's another way to submit your application (and perhaps suggest they have their software department check the error!).

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Hi Kilian,

Thanks for your reply.

The 500 error message  is clearly visible on the screen.

I'll try to fill the form with a lot less text to see if the problem is the data.

Anyway, I already sent a screenshot to the company, but they don't give me other options.



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Hi Martin,

I am not sure, if you are following the correct way to get your issue resolved. I would recommend you to please contact directly with the company who had developed that website where you are filling your information and getting this error.

Since, this forum is to help the developers not to end user of the different applications who use the application developed by different companies in outsystems.

Thanks & Kind Regards,