Empty screen when create new screen
Application Type
Traditional Web


I am working on a project and in some pages I needed to change some screen structure(I deleted an 'title' placeholder).

so when become to create a new web screen it's displayed as blank page without any screen structures.

what is the problem please?? 


I found the solution 

It's been it's doesn't display the screen structure if you delete the 'title header' and the 'main content' so You have to replace them and it's done


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Hi Amer,

Have you deleted it from Common UI Flow or from some specific screen? Also, it would be good, if you can share the OML to look into the issue.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


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Actually I think I delete it from the common UI flow but I thought Its delete it for the page than I want to change in it's structure.

and I share my OML


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As per your comments, looks like you had found the solution. Is it correct? Please confirm.