[allowBackup Android Plugin] Could not generate android app with the new version
Forge component by Miguel 'Kelter' Antunes
Published on 26 Jan 2021
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Dear Miguel,

I tried to generate the android application with the new version of the plugin that you released few hours back. However I am facing the below issue:

[2021-01-27T07:32:25.938Z] [ERROR] [Build] There was a conflict trying to modify attributes with <edit-config> in plugin cordova-plugin-allow-backup. The conflicting plugin, undefined, already modified the same attributes. The conflict must be resolved before cordova-plugin-allow-backup can be added. You may use --force to add the plugin and overwrite the conflicting attributes.

[2021-01-27T07:32:25.940Z] [ERROR] [Build] Build failed with the following error: Error installing Cordova plugin: cordova-plugin-allow-backup.

Attaching herewith the error log.

For your information, I am also using the following cordova plugin in the application: AppAvailabilityPlugin, App Version Plugin, Camera Plugin, CheckGPSPlugin, MultiLingual Plugin, Cookie Manager Plugin, Crypto Library, Device Detection, DragAndDropMobile, File Plugin, File Viewer Plugin, InApp Browser Plugin, Location Plugin, Native Geocoder Plugin, PDF Generator Plugin, Privacy screen plugin, Social Sharing Plugin, SSL Pinning Plugin, Touch Id Plugin.

Will it be possible for you to force the conflicting attribute allowbackup setting in this plugin code? Will that solve the issue?

With best regards,



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Hi Miguel,

I have somewhat streamlined the plugins which might be causing this issue. It seems like one or more of the below plugins are conflicting: GoogleMaps, Location plugin, Native Geocoder, Check GPS.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

best regards,