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11.10.2 (Build 25738)


I started implementing the new multil language component into our applications, and I have a problem with tralating in the client actions.

With the Multilingual forge component I could use the GetTranslation action in my client actions. How can I do this with the new component?

An example of why I use this is for the translation of the weekdays to the different languages we use.

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Kevin Desmet

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Dear Kevin,

Can you please explain a scenario or use case which is not possible if you don't use getTranslation() ? This will help me to answer your question as switching the locale should be sufficient.

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Hi Shounak,

To translate the day of the week to one of the languages we use, I builded my own logic with the multilingual component from the forge. I concatenated my translated value with a FormatDateTime and then returned the concatenated text to my screen. This was possible with the getTranslation() action.

I have something simular for the moths of the year to. Our users want all texts in their native language.

With the new studio component this doesn't work anymore and I can't find a solution for this. I even tried to create an (function) action that only returns the day of the week as string, but this also doesn't work.