Search User Login History


Is there a way to access an application Login History? I need to know who accessed the application and when.

Hi Sónia, and welcome to the OutSystems Community forums.

On a first guess, I would say that you can find the information you are looking for in the database, in the Agile Platform logs.

If it happened recently, the logs may not have rotated yet, so in Service Center, under Monitoring > General Log, you can try to search for "Login" in the logged messages, filtering it by your eSpace and the message Type.

I cannot assure you that all the information you are looking for is being logged there, but if it is being logged at all, that's the place to start.

An alternative - not for logins, though, but for users who have accessed your application - is to go to the Screen Logs, since there you can find all screens that have been accessed, at what time, and by which user IDs.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares
Yes, this is what I was looking for. I had been there but searched the wrong espace...
How long does it take for the Logs to rotate? Or does it have to do with traffic?

Thanks a lot

Hi Sónia,

by default you see in Service Center  the last week logs (it rotates every friday night @ 23:00) but in database you can see the last 4 weeks. you can change that in the outsystems configuration tool.