Read complete pdf and and then enable the checkbox
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Hi Team,

I have challenge where in when the PDF is there on the screen ,check box should be enabled after user scrolls down the complete text.

conforming that PDF has read completely ... please assist , if we have any component or functionality exists.


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Hi, what component are you using to display the PDF? Perhaps it could trigger some event when the user reaches the bottom of the view.

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Create a modal or popup with fixed height, display an iframe (the pdf will be opened inside it) and when the user scrolls to the bottom of the page they will have the option to select the checkbox. 

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Hi Lucas,

Thanks much for the reply,

could you please guide me how can I achieve this , the PDF I should save in database or I can fetch the PDF from server , Please assist.


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Lets do it,

Create a webblock and use it to:

In preparation does download of binaray (save=no).

Create a new page, reuse the webblock and create div checkbox.

Use Js to manipulate view, e.g: Expand the size of iframe to max, hide the scrollbar, when in bottom of page show the div checkbox.

or Use iframe, or a forge components to view PDF and, the same reasoning.



Hi Nandini,

You can use javaScript to enable check box on scroll end.


function scrolled(e) {
  if (myDiv.offsetHeight + myDiv.scrollTop >= myDiv.scrollHeight) {
Hope this helps.