Using System Entities to find page permissions
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.7 (Build 37469)
Platform Version
11.9.1 (Build 20359)

I am trying to find the system entity that captures the Screen to Role tick boxes on Service Studio.  I would like to query this in my user administration logic to prevent role clashes occurring.  Is anyone familiar with the system data model that holds this detail?

At the moment i allow menu items to be visible by role but sometimes there is a clash where the administrator can assign a role that hasnt been ticked in service studio and therefore gives the user an "invalid permissions" issue.  Avoidable with correct config but is something i would like to try to prevent.

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Hi Daniel,

Please refer this link and see if you get answer of your query.

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Thanks very much for the speedy response.  That post is exactly what i was looking for but its a shame that there doesnt seem to be anything actively exposed that holds this.

Thanks for joining the dots on the different threads.