Kafka Confluence librdkafka.dll where to put?
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Hi there,

I create a C# extension for producer Kafka Confluence. When i build and then publish, it is okay. However in the run time, i got this error:

Error while loading librdkafka.dll or its dependencies from E:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\running\TestP11.xxxxxx\bin2\librdkafka.dll. Check the directory exists, if not check your deployment process. You can also load the library and its dependencies by yourself before any call to Confluent.Kafka.

How come is is succeed when building in Visual Studio, it is okay when publish, but still error in runtime?

where to put bin2\librdkafka.dll in Integration Studio?

regards and thanks

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When you create an Extension, you can also control the Resources folder in Integration Studio:

Can you see if the DLL you need is in the Bin folder? Then select it and check the Deploy action - I believe it should be "Copy to Binaries directory", like this: