[Credit Card Form - Reactive + Demo] Copy\Paste values doesn't trigger animation
Forge component by Carlos Lessa
Published on 02 Feb 2021
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Hi Carlos,

First of all, i salute for this amazing component!

I need your help regarding the use of this component. I am trying to set the credit card number using an assign (i am using the CardIO Plugin to leverage the OCR capabilities) and after fetching the credit card number and set the Credit Card Number input using an assign, the value is actually pasted on the input but, not only doesn't change the Credit Card information itself, but also the input field doesn't apply the formatting mask.

Have you experienced that before?


Pedro Domingues

Rank: #183

Hi Pedro, thanks

I just push a new version of the component, I had add input parameters to the web block to receive the values of the assign and add few code to trigger the animation.

Try to pass the value using the input parameter and let me know if its working for you.


Carlos Lessa

Rank: #153

Hi Carlos,

It seems that now is working using copy\paste but not working when assigning a value through input parameter!

Check the following screenshot:

I clicked on the Test Copy and assign automatically a value to the input parameter and it's not behaving as expected!