Passing an Atribute from Screen to Menu Block to Screen
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So, I'm trying to pass an attribute (RestauranteID) to another screen. That is simple. The thing is, I want to redirect through the menu block, and I've tried everything and I can't find a solution. 

Do I need to store the attribute in the block and then send it to the other screen, how can i do this process? 

Because inside the block I don't have access anymore to the data in the first screen. I'm confused.

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Hi Rúben,

Web blocks can't access the information of the screen, so you need to create an input in your web block and send the Restaurant Id, so you can use it there.

You can find more details about communication between web blocks and screens in this link: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Design_UI/Reuse_UI/Pass_Data_Between_Blocks

Let me know if this helps,


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Hi Rúben,

You can make use of Client variables to save information that can be accessible through every screen / block in the application. You just need to be careful not save confidential information which is not the case.

In order to create a Client Variable, you can navigate to the Data tab and create them under the Client Variables folder.

You can them use them and change its value Client side on  in an Assign using Client.<VariableName> and use it as screen parameters:

Hope it helps.