Determine Record/Table lock


I've a timer which executes a process which deletes records from an entity.
Somehow this timer runs into a time-out, so the timer is rescheduled.
The second time the timer runs the first process is still running (!!) on IIS APPPOOL w3wp.exe, so the table/record is locked.
Also this second process runs into a time-out (due to the record locks) and a third timer is scheduled.
So now I've 3 processes still running on IIS......
Question 1: Why, even after time-out of the timer, the 'real' process/session on IIS is still running ?
Question 2: How can I determine in a server action if there is still a table/record lock?

Yes, if I was a DBA I can query the on premesi DB-server, but I'm not a DBA :-)

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Obviously I don't have access to v$session or v$locked_object.....