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Hi Team,

Thank you for providing the convenience component.
Unfortunately, since our team have still an issue about IE 11, so could you confirm the issue, please?

When we access our application which included this component with IE 11 Browser, it will need 4~5 seconds by completing to render.
We predict that this reason probably depends on that DOM need to take time render and CSS render will calculate slowly.

If you know, could you provide any workaround or information since display empty white screen during waiting the render of screen, please?

By the way, we analyzed that the CSS render will calculate slowly due to the library names "ie11CustomProperties.js".
As a test, we removed the above library and tried to behave, our screen will be displayed soon, unfortunately, CSS destroyed.
We tried to confirm using the latest version of the above library from github, also it was not solved.

Best regards,
Hisako Ito (BlueMeme Inc.)

Hi Hisako Ito,

The performance issues occur more frequently when the CSS file is larger or more complex.

The script ie11CustomeProperties.js is required because that script converts all CSS variables into simple custom properties. These properties are supported by IE and are similar, but with a few limitations, to the standard CSS variables.

To improve performance you can remove the other scripts (impact: less compatibility with other widgets)

The scripts mandatory are:

  • ie11CistomProperties
  • OutSystemsUI

You can follow the step by step in this article on Medium:


I hope it helps, and feel free to share your experience after removing the other widgets.



Hi Luís-san,

We really appreciate your kind and quick reply, thank you so much.

After we confirmed your reply, our developer team tried to improve the render speed based on your information.
However, unfortunately, our developer team said that the render speed was not improved as much as they expected because there is a possibility that the design of their Reactive web app is so complex.

Therefore their team will consider choosing apps type as Traditional or Reactive again.
And yet, I would like to report that our problem was solved with your advice.

Thank you for your cooperation :)

Best regards,
Hisako Ito (BlueMeme Inc.)

Hi Hisako,

Another possible solution is redirecting your users from IE  to a webtradional application:

To achieve this you need to add the function IsInternetExplorer on the Initialize of your screen:

This solution's constraint is building two applications, the Reactive for the modern browsers and the IE in webTradional.



Also experiencing very slow render but on a reasonably simple reactive application

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