[Reactive]User Exception Handler does not work

Create a new User Exception and throw that exception.

I expect it to be caught by the User Exception Handler, but it gets caught by the All Exceptions Handler.

In the case of Traditional, it works as expected.

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Hi Yuichi, 

as you describe it, it should be working indeed. 

If you are catching it on the All Exceptions flow, I'm assuming that this module contains the Exception flow handler.

Do you mind sharing the OML?

Best Regards, 

Paulo Z

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Hi Paulo  

Thanks for your comment. I shared OML.

I confirmed that I can catch it by putting UserException_XXXXX Handler, but I can't catch it by UserException Handler.


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Hi Yuichi, 

I know that in the traditional approach, the exception can be caught on a screen action flow. 

In this reactive approach, apparently, it is not working, so I suggest you to add that user exception handler flow on the module's Exception Flow Handler and see if it works.


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Unfortunately I couldn't even catch it with the Global Exception Handler.

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It seems you cannot reference exception groups, apart from the AllExceptions.

You could change your UserException Handler to your specific created User_Exception_XXXX. this will work.

I think the Exception in Outsystems are a thing that should be high on the list of things to improve. For instance, a User_Exception is something that i want to be able to make public. I also would like to be able to make nested exceptions.

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Thank you for your comment.

I hope OutSystems recognizes this as a bug and will fix it.

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Hi Yuichi,

For this to be handled faster I suggest you open a support case here.

Thanks a lot,
Tiago Simões

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Hi Yuichi Igarashi

Thank you for bringing up this issue.

I have encountered a similar problem.

When you got a solution, please share it with us in this post.

Kind Regards,