stored procedure update saves Arabic characters as question marks
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Hello everyone,

 I am facing an issue where when I pass Arabic words into my stored procedure it'll updated the correct record but in the database instead of saving the string I passed in saves "????"  I'm assuming tis is because its a unicode string 

My first instinct was to use N' but it did not work in outsystems sql query because of the ' 


The solution was to enable the expand inline property for the parameter in AdvanceSQL then passing the input as


Hi Rima,

Please refer the below link to get the idea how you can pass the single quote string into the SQL query.

Thanks & Kind Regards,


I don't think this is  the issue because I'm passing a variable and I tried to concatenate the N' with the value before passing it to my sql query but it saved as "N'?????"

Please refer these 2 links where it is mentioned that columns/attributes need to able to store unicode characters. I hope this will make sense and might be other members put some shed on this.

Thanks & Kind Regards,



Hi Rima,

Stored procedures are not part of the OutSystems Platform, so this doesn't seem like an OutSystems-related question?

That said, when question marks are saved, the database likely isn't configure for Unicode (unfortunately, the same goes for this forum: ??? (those were the Arabic numerals 1-3).

Hi killian, 

the data base already has a bunch of Arabic data that is why I assumed that the issue might be how I'm calling the stored procedure from outsystems or how I am passing the variables 

Thanks anyways! 


Hi Rima,

Please tell us how did you call the stored procedure and passed the variables.

Also, Did you tried instead of calling the stored procedure using a simple update query ( pass the same parameter).

and see if you get the same results?

Kind Regards

Hello Tom,

Unfortunately, I cannot use a simple SQL query since I don't have the permission to edit the tables directly.

Here is how I call my Stored procedure in Outsystems.

/* %LogicalDatabase%=GetLogicalDatabase({user}) */
USE  [DBname]
EXEC [dbo].[sp_update_user] 

The solution was to enable the expand inline property for the parameter in AdvanceSQL then passing the input as

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