Update A Variable in a List in mobile
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Hi there,

I'm trying to create a shop page for a project, and has the following lists available.

The following is the local variable (list) I built the above page with.

What I'm trying to do is that when I press either the Plus or Minus button on the app, it updates the Quantity for the respective subservice in the local variable, and also updates itself on the app for the user to see. 

I have tried doing something as shown below, but it doesn't work.. 

May I know how am I supposed to achieve what I want? Thank you! 

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inside of the list, you are using the list item too?

I think that the issue is the current value. If you click in the button and you run the action with the assign, maybe at that moment the current value from the list is not the current value that you are expecting.

Did you debug the code, to see if it is updating the correct list item?

Hello Kai,

Good morning!

In addition to Camilia's suggestion, it seems the issue is on the current row/record for the subservices.

Based on the local variable structure, kindly ensure that on the UI end, you have the following UI structure:

List (ProviderServices) --> ListItem --> List (you will bind the subservices here) --> Listitem --> ListItemContent (this you have to put the subservice name and the plus and minus buttons). This will ensure that if you click the minus/plus buttons, the correct current record position will be referenced and updated.

Hope this helps,

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