How to set a default value checked in Radio Group in reactive application


I have a radio button with list records from db and my records don't have boolean data. I want to use property "checked" to add default choose radio, but i can't add expression in "extended Property". Can you please guide on how to make a radio button in the radio group to set as default selected in reactive



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Hello Injuda,

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The Radio Group widget has a Variable property where you should specify the variable that holds the value selected by the user:

The Radio Button widget has a Value property where you should specify the value that corresponds to that option:

In order to select a default value, you just need to assign the value of your default option to the variable that is bound to the Radio Group.

You can do that for example in the OnInitialize event of the screen / block.

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Rui Barradas

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Hello Injuda,

Do you mean you have a list, that has a RadioButton column?
And you want to set one record Radio Button to true.

If I'm understanding you correctly, Radio Group maybe a little misleading.

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