Excel datatype changes after importing

I started by importing an excel into my data, but when I then integrate the list into my interface, the data type changes for currency specifications. 

Example: 1.200.000€ -> 1200000 

How can I prevent this and can I change this afterwards?

Thanks for your tips and hints.

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Hi Tommi S,

Your data is saved in the database as a number and it is correct.

You can control how do you display on the screen using the built-in FormatCurrency function, like in this example:

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Thank you for your answer, I will try it :)

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You're welcome Tommi!

You can see on my screenshot the description of the function so you can use its parameters to format the currency to your use case. 

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Sorry if the question is stupid. But where can I find the expression value box where I can enter your suggested solution?  

Thank you very much

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Hi Tommi,

No problem.

On your screen canvas in Service Studio, your value must be represented with an Expression widget.

You can double click that expression or the Value property on the right panel after selecting the Expression.

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It worked out perfectly. Thank you again! :)

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Hello Tommi,

You could use format functions to achieve your goal, more info in the link below: https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/10/Reference/OutSystems_Language/Logic/Built-in_Functions/Format#FormatCurrency

Hi Tommi,

Good day!

Kindly refer to this post.


Before the Create node, you can use convert function within the Assign widget to ensure that it will stay as integer or decimal value.

Hope this helps,

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