Too many automatic redirections were attempted


I'm working in  "on premises" environments Dev and QA and we use the life time to deploy the applications from DEV to QA. 

In the  Dev environment all the eSpaces work well, but in the QA environment one of the eSpaces returns always the message:

"This page isn’t working right now

<server-address> redirected you too many times.


We have tried in Crome , Edge and IE. 

When trying to Debug the code the debug do not start and issues a similar message : 

"A debug session can't be stared due to communication problems. Check if the module is published and try again. 

Too many automatic redirections attempted" 

We have published several time the eSpace but, the result is always the same. 

Could some one help us? 

Thanks in advance 


Hi Graça,

Do you already checked in Service Center if you have any kind of error related with that module?

Just for curiosity, if you try to "Open in Brower" option in Service studio, do you have any problem?

By the way, it's traditional or reactive (and if traditional, what is the platform version)?

If traditional, do you have any kind of SEO rule applied?

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

Thanks Ricardo, 

It´s a traditional web application.

Service Center -> no errors or warnings 

"Open in Brower" option in Service studio -> same result "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS "

We have even created an Anonimus  screen that has no layout, and displays just the text "qualquer coisa", and the result is the same.    

 SEO rule -> I don't know but I must ask .



The Same happened to me

In my case (which might be the same here) the publishing of the Application throwing the problem solved the problem

There could have been some outdated dependencies



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