Ajax Submit Button not working
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.8 (Build 37957)


I moved all WebBlock's Widgets to a screen and 2 weeks after working fine, a button stoped working (Description).


  1. Only the clone isn't working, the original button at the WebBlock is working fine.
  2. No error shown when I click the button, and also nothing happends when debugging.

I read about some method problems when using Ajax Submit orSubmit. Then I decided to change it method to Submit, but once I have an Ajax Refresh Component in the Acition PopulaMedico whos called from the button Submit isn't the best option...

What happended when I changed the method to submit:

As you can see at the image, I also tryied to create a container, wich has the very same On Click configurations and it has the same behave.

By the way, the list is filled perfectly at the Preparation.


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Hi Ravani,

As mentioned on the error message, if you need to AJAX refresh something, then the method needs to be Ajax Refresh, Submit is not at all the solution for this use case.

For more information on what the difference between Ajax Refresh, Submit and Navigate methods, you can see for instance this post.

Without the OML or more information, there's not really much that one can analyze to help you with. Can you perhaps provide more insights and screenshots about what are you trying to refresh and what does your action PopulaMedico looks like?

What are you refreshing or trying to refresh inside your PopulaMedico action? Is it an element of the list?

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Hi João Marques,

Thanks in advance for helping!

I'm going to change the value of a local variable to show different containers, then refreshing the main container (ContainerPai), that's why I need the Ajax Refresh.


Let me know if you need more prints.

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You don't seem to be doing nothing out of the ordinary, but of course the analysis one can make is limited not really understanding what each action is doing.

I still could not understand what do you mean by "Only the clone isn't working, the original button at the WebBlock is working fine."