Displaying  selection in a different table.


If a state is clicked, it should be added to the table on the right after the add is clicked. 

What would be the best way to go about this? 

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Hello Maria,

one possible way to do what you pretend is to have a local list on the right (with the same type of the one you have on the left) and then have an action that appends the clicked item to that list on the right.

On both lists, you should have an "IsSelected" attribute that you can use to control what will be added and what will be removed.

If required, you can remove the item from the left list too when doing the previous step. 

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Hi, friend.

The list at right side should be a local list type structure. 

The add buttons to add and remove itens from list should use the list actions (take a look at the image).

Maybe your application do not have the dependencies with the list actions. Search for it at the System module.