Why is the file read/write function not standard in Outsystems?
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Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.9 (Build 38312)

Hi, All.

I wonder if the standard function cannot read/write a file to a specific directory.

It's pretty basic in languages like Java and C #.

The forge component is unstable in release.

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I have no problems with the forge component, but as a member of this community you could help improve the component of even make your own?

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It's only my guess. The file I/O function is mostly used by desktop applications. 

Outsystems is for the web app.

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This is true ofcourse, but since Outsystems provides more than web applications it should and is available.

I have done projects where i had to build textfiles from data received form integration. I had no problem whatsoever.

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Thank you for your answer.

I'm worried about using forge components that aren't certified by Outsystems. Especially in the core system of a company.

File I / O is also used in web applications, and I think Outsystems may also be used as a batch application.

I think the current best answer for file I / O is to create an extension in C #.

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I look forward to it: Hoping you will put it on the forge afterwards.

By the way: Its ok to use forge components that are not certified by Outsystems. Before using one i always check if its commonly used. 

Another option is to join the development group of the component. this way you can help improve the component instead of creating one yourself.