[Ultimate PDF] How to print from Mobile App distributed as PWA, from DESKTOP (Chrome/Chromium)
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Hi all,

I have a question about printing my reports. My application is a mobile application, distributed as PWA, but mainly used from DESKTOP Chrome or Chromium. The reason is because I also use tablet and ipads, and we also need offline capabilities.

As far as I know, the forge have components for printing (to printer or to PDFs), but they are mainly for traditional web apps, and some are for reactive web apps. For mobile, most plugins need cordova and only works on native apps. So far I cannot find in the forge how to print PWA from desktop.

Thanks in advance for the help. Really appreciate it.

Hi Takada,

You can take an existing reactive web PDF generator (such as this component) and adapt it for use in your mobile app.

Let me know if you need any assistance with this.




Not only that, from your solution I now know that I can use most reactive web plugins/components for mobile apps. Thanks!!


Hi Takada,

Just to be clear on the words used in your reply, An RWA doesn't have the concept of plugins. An OutSystems Mobile Plugin is a module that exposes the functionality of a Cordova plugin. It will only work in an OutSystems mobile application. Components build for Mobile can be used for RWA as long as they don't solely depend on a Cordova Plugin.



Oooww... thanks for the clarification. I get it now. I'm not a developer, but I am starting to understand how these things work. Lots and lots of information from this forum! I Love this Forum :D

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