Synchronizing two calendar widgets doesn't  work
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I'm using 3.1.0 version of FullCalendar 2 (the newest one available for OS 10).

I'm trying to reproduce this example: two calendar widgets displaying month n and n+1. I've added to "GeneralJSON" parameter of the source (left) calendar widget  the following string (slightly adjusted code from the example):

viewRender: function (view, element) {
var cal1 = $('#DublinTheme_wt45_block_wtMainContent_wt9_FullCalendar_wtcalRight_block');
cur = view.intervalStart;
d = moment(cur).add('months', 1);
cal1.fullCalendar('gotoDate', d);

The identifier, by which cal1 is searched, is programmatically inserted as the Id of the target calendar widget (right). 

The issue is that it doesn't work - when I change month in the source calendar the target calendar just doesn't change. I've defined a viewRender event handler for this widget to check, what's going on,  but it is not fired in this context.

Is it a case that the example is for some newer version of the calendar which is not compatible with the version I use? Or maybe I do something wrong that I cannot see?



Hello Tomasz,

Can you provide an example module with the code you are trying out?



Hello Anna,

Please find a sample module.




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