Speech recognition and conversion into text using Web Speech API
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11.10.8 (Build 37957)

Hi All,

I am trying to achieve voice recognition and converting it into text. I have an input widget bind to a local text var, on button click i have java script code in which on console i am able to get the converted text from voice but as i am taking it it in an output parameter to assign it to text var its coming empty , on console the text is displayed . 

For example if you speak "Hello" it will get typed on console as "Hello" but not getting displayed in input widget , i debugged and found that java script output is empty string. 

Please find attachment and help me if  i am missing anything.




Hi Shivanga,

You probably need to include  $resolve(); right after assigning a value to the $parameters.TextOutput, or at least after the javascript for statement.

For more info read Defining Asynchronous JavaScript Code



Hi Daniël,

Thanks for your help, it worked, apologies for late response.



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