How to open mobile app using voice ?


We have used the Outsystems Speech Recognition forge component for doing a task in a mobile app. But our management wants the app itself to be opened using voice command. The application name is "mServices" not a pure English word, so when we tried with standard Andoird and iOS assistants : "Ok google open "mServices app" or "Hey Siri, open mServices app" some times it fais. In Android it searches for another app in Play store with the same name. In Siri it sometimes does not recognize the word.

How can i implement this in Outsytems ? as i don't know mobile native development.



Hi Maitha Khanji

As you mentioned in the post, you need to work with standard Andoird and iOS assistants.

So it' beyond OutSystems, And you can't control it.

I don't think it's possible to create your own assistants even using mobile native development. 

Kind Regards,

Hi Tom,

thanks for your reply. 

Just to clarify, i don't want to create assistants,  the speech recognition plugin  is already working within the app itself and it performs some actions within our app. But we want users to be able to open the app itself using speech as well. For example "Hey Siri, open myApp" or any other way to open this app using voice. 


for example, can i use DialogFlow to let the app open using voice? 

there is "Siri Shortcuts" plugin   but it is for Outsystems 10 we have Outsystems 11 

I did some search, I will share it so that others can benefit.

Following are some possible options for opening your mobile apps using speech for Android and iPhone.




Hi Maitha

Thanks for sharing.

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