[PDF Generator & Downloader Plugin] How to use PDF generator and Downloader Forge component for mobile outsystems app
Forge component by Mukesh Singh


I have created 1 simple app in which 2 screens are there. 

1. first screen has form in which customer need to fill name, email, phone no. ,address and submit the data.

2. Second screen has list of all customers data.

I wanted to download each customer data into pdf format when customer submit the data.

For this I am using forge component "PDF generator and downloader plugin".

I have created 1 client action in which i am implementing pdf file downloader functionality.

I am confused about some input fields need to provide for pdf functionality.

1. In the Build Template Action, I have to provide Template value. What will be the template value?

2. In the GenerateAndDownloadPdfFile Action, I have to provide URL. What will be URL value?

Also after all this steps, do I need to specify any other logic to download pdf file.

I want functionality like when user submit data pdf get downloaded.


Thanks and Regards,

Nayana Sonawane


1. Build Template action is to create Data that you can pass to GenerateAndDownloadPdfFile action or GenerateAndOpenSharePdf action and you will get PDF based on Data generated through Build Template Action.

2. If you have a screen build already that you download as PDF you need to Pass the URL of that Screen as Input to any of the two  action and it will generate and download the PDF of that screen.

Let me know if you have any other doubts/isssues.

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