Plugin not working - inconsistent results
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11.10.8 (Build 37957)

This appears to be quite recent, but also extremely urgent. I'm getting a timeout error when trying to make use of this plugin. It has been working fine since we started using it. But today we started having issues where it does not return the Latitude and Longitude - causing our app to stop users from using the app.

After some investigating - I see that I get a timeout error - not system but plugin related. I normally left the timeout input parameter blank and things worked out fine, but now I placed 30000 into the Timeout parameter.

I have 4 cases that I've looked at - all Android users - 2 get their locations and 2 don't. 3 of them are in our Dev environment and 1 in Production

There is no descernable pattern or reason I can think of why it would stop working out of the blue, when we didn't even change anything. Any help would be appreciated


Hi Robert,

Good evening!

What forge component are you referring to?

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I thought it would be referenced. The Location plugin -

Hi Robert,

Good morning!

Thanks for the information.

Apologies but I have to do some testing on this since I'm not familiar with this component.

May I kindly suggest that you post this instead under the support section of the component itself.

Location Plugin - Support | OutSystems 

If I have some update, I'll let you know.

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