Complete Newbie with just some basic coding knowledge Guided Path to Master OutSystem


Just finished doing the "Becoming a Reactive Web Dev" Guided path but as i thought some things didn't click as i miss some core/fundamentals.

Because of covid my life changed drastically and i am now pursuing a career as an Outsystems Developer. I am located in Porto, Portugal and i am looking for a Guided Path for a newbie like me with just basic knowledge about coding.  I am keen to put the hours into it as i see myself working with outsystems in a near future hopefully. 

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi Lourenco 

Maybe you want to try Becoming a Traditional Web Developer guide path.

React and Traditional Web's approach may be different, but basic knowledge is common. 

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Hi Laurenco,

Good morning!

In addition to Tom's suggestion, kindly have a look at this as well.

New Demo Series: See OutSystems in Action | Starting Feb 2nd 2021 | OutSystems 

Outsystems platform has given me a chance to be a web and mobile developer leveraging my technical skills (I was a long time desktop application developer using Visual Basic 6). I must say, Outsystems is a combination of great platform, a very supportive community and advocating a culture of having an innovative mindset.

Please read this too, this might inspire you.

The Small Book of The Few Big Rules - OutSystems Culture Book | OutSystems 

May you have a great journey.

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Hi @Lourenco Lopes 

Once you done with traditional training as suggested by @Tom Zhao  , I would say you should start practicing and do the "Bookings Assignment" application since your traditional training will cover one project called "Movie Assignment.

This project will pretty much enhance your knowledge and skills. I have given the URL below.

Booking Assignment URL :



Hi! This was a great suggestion, I'm actually checking some of the topics of the course (to see if there's anything that's not part of the guided path course).

However the course doesn't exist on the «courses list» (even though you can access the contents through the link you provided). Is it because it's an 'old' training content? If so, do you have any links to any of these 'old' courses, including projects like this?

Thank you so much, this was really useful :)


Be aware that if the courses are no longer listed, they may be incompatible with the current version of Service Studio. That one in particular is from 2016!

The latest version of that course is and you do an exercise step by step.

Are you doing the traditional or reactive path?

Hello @Nuno Reis / @Cristina Vieira 

I am not refereeing to the course, you are correct it is an old one , I was referring to the "Booking Assignment" application. There are wireframes given in that assignment which we can implement in OS11 for practice purpose. Please see in attachment. I have already done this assignment in OS11 which will definitely help new comers in gaining the basic understanding.





Yes I know it's old content (which may not be applicable to the newest versions of the system), but some of the basic concepts could still be useful for a newbie (however, after watching one or two videos, the new courses are definitely better and easier to follow, plus the same information basically - so I won't really waste time with that old course).

I'll check the link for the (new) course Nuno suggested. :)

Thanks everyone!

Thank you all for the tips and suggestions. Will do the tradition web guided path also and go through all the material provided here. 



Hi Lourenco,

As important as the guided paths, you should already be studying how the applications you are going to build should be organized and designed, so, so that you don't have any architectural problems in the future, see this material on architecture:

hope it's help.

Best regards.

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