Multiple code instances on same environm
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11.10.9 (Build 38536)

Hi ,

Need any one of your help for the following client request.

Currently, we have 3 environments(Dev, QA, PROD) setup on outsystems cloud. The requirement is to have different versions of code/application on the same environment to enable different user groups testing i.e each team will have exclusive code to test for themselves but in the same environment (in this case QA). 

Can any one of you please let us know, if we can have the above setup. If yes, kindly provide the documentation/any references to help understand/achieve the same.

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Hello Chayanath Pavuluri,

You already see the feature toggle component in forge? This allows you to configure feature releases and restrict users access for each one. 

You can also use the Toggle component to hide features that are not yet released for testing or production without compromise the application deploy to QA or PROD at the end of a release.