Best way to design a notification system in a mobile app.
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I am creating a mobile app, which will have a notifications page, where all the notifications(pertaining to hat user) will be shown to the user. And there can be 3 ways a notification can be sent. 

1. User specific notification- Like, an auto notification wishing a user happy birthday

2. Send to all notification- A notification that will be sent to every user, like for example-  a global notification.

3. Send notification to select- Only a select few users will be sent a notification

How can I design an entity/local storage system to store all these notifications? So that a user can see only the notifications received by him.

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Hi Amol

Sorry, I didn't understand your question.

Why are you need to store all these notifications?  

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There is a notifications page, where the user should be able to view 10 most recent notifications(in app) intended to be sent to him.

Hi Amol,

Good evening!

My perspective is that you will still need an entity on the server side and a light weight version for the local storage. I'm not getting the whole picture of your requirements but please allow me to share the below topics which I think will be useful for your design.

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