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Hello All,

i have an application which displays customer details based on Customer ID. The below marked column displays the customer tickets

I have another entity which displays the value money for every ticket, for this customer (Customer ID). 

The common identifier for both entities is the customer id.

Based on the current implementation, is displayed the ticket money value only for the first ticket. 

How can i display the money ticket values for this customer? Any advise?

Attached the oml in reactive.



Hi George,

If I understand correctly, you want to have your query grouping by customer and concatenating your ticket prices, right?

You can do that using STUFF SQL command, you can take a look at this post how to do it in an OutSystems example or the full explanation in this Stack Overflow post.

Since I don't understand Greek, cannot really understand where to apply this change on your code but you'll know better.

Kind Regards,

Hi George M,

The problem with your implementation is that GetMoneyByDeltio Aggregate is using 

Money.Deltio = GetServicesByFormId.List.Current.Deltio

But, GetMoneyByDeltio and GetServicesByFormId do not iterate together. In other words, it will return only the Deposit from one Deltion, which is the current one.

If you do not want to change your layout implementation, I suggest that you sort the Delitios in GetServicesByFormId in some way and sort the records in GetMoneyByDeltio in the same way. Then you can delete the filter above.

You will have to garantee that GetMoneyByDeltio will bring the same Deltios as GetServicesByFormId as well.

Despite of that, I think you should consider changing the implementation to use a Table Records instead.

Hope it helps.

Best regards.


Hi George,

In addition to Kadu's answer, Because aggregates are executed asynchronously, There is no guarantee GetServicesByFormId will run before GetMoneyByDeltio Aggregate.

Money.Deltio = GetServicesByFormId.List.Current.Deltio

Kind Regards,

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