[Multipart/form-data] Error using "unicode" encoding in a request
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Based on your demo, I built an application that creates a multipart/form-data request using the MultipartFormDataCreate action and sends it to an API method that parses the body data. 

Specifying the Encoding property as "utf-8" or "ascii" for both MultipartFormDataCreate (when creating the request) and MultiPartFormDataParse (when parsing it) actions, the component works as expected.

However, when I specify the "unicode" value for the Encoding property (for each action), the following exception is raised:

Could not find expected boundary - at HttpMultipartParser.StreamingMultipartFormDataParser.Parse(RebufferableBinaryReader reader) at HttpMultipartParser.MultipartFormDataParser..ctor(Stream stream, String boundary, Encoding encoding, Int32 binaryBufferSize) at OutSystems.NssMultipartFormDataParser.CssMultipartFormDataParser.MssParse_MultiPartFormData(Byte[] ssMultiPartBinary, String ssBoundary, String ssFileEncoding, RLPartContentRecordList& ssPartContentList, Boolean& ssSuccess, String& ssErrorMessage

It seems that the "unicode" encoding value is not recognized.

Send request action:

Parse action:

Thank you in advance for all your help.


Hi Diogo,

Can you share an OML that exhibits this problem? That would help me pinpoint the problem. Note that I'm not completely sure whether "unicode" would be a valid value in this case, I'd have to investigate.

Diogo Figueiredo

Hi Kilian, 

This module is configured with the "unicode" encoding.



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