[Session Timeout Plugin] [ Session Timeout plugin] can be used for Mobile application?
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[ Session Timeout plugin] can be used for Mobile application?  

I dont see any client actions after adding this plugin to my mobile app project.

 I only get this,


Hi Sushree,

As you can see it's a mobile UI flow, so yes you can use it for Mobile application, it is developed for that purpose.

The block contains an event called SessionTimeoutEvent. If you place the block in another block or screen, then there you will be able to create an event handler for it (the client action).



Thank you.It worked. Didnot know how to consume block event handler.

Follow up question-If we are inactive on the app it works.but if we are inactive on the app after opening a webpage on in app browser inside the app, then the timeout event does not trigger right?


I try to read and understand your last question multiple times, maybe you can rephrase it?

Sorry if my previous question was not clear-

1.we logged into the mobile app 

2. Open a webpage in In app browser-(which is a feature of the mobile app to open a webpage e.g  terms and condition )

3.now leave the application on inactive state while the webpage(e.g terms and condition ) opened on the app.

4.The app does not timeout in that case because the inactive page is the webpage and not the native screen of the app.

Is this the correct behaviour?


With validation this, I would think that is the expected behaviour

hi Daniel,

if we specify suppose 100 secs for timeout time. then irrespective of the fact that user is still active on teh app or not the app just times out after 100secs.

But what I am looking is if user is enactive for 100 secs then only timeout the app.

How can we achieve that any idea?

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