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I have a button to submit a form. I have used a Swipe widget on this button to change the click style to a swipe right style.

This works fine, but there is no visual feel on what is happening. I mean, when i swipe Right, it calls the Action to submit the form, but i want the customer to see that when he swipes right, the button also moves right.

Can i do this ?



Is this what you want? see attached.




Hi Daniel,

Can you tell me which page should i be checking in the above attached oap file?


In Service Studio select menu Environment then Open files... then on the dialog displayed change the file type from OutSystems Module Language to OutSystems Application Package, see screenshot below, and select the .oap file that you downloaded in this thread. This will install the application in your environment.

Alternatively you can open service center go to factory > applications and below the title there is a link "publish an application". You just need to choose the .oap and 1 click publish.  

Hi  Daniel,

I have published the project, but can you tell me which button you have enabled the swipe operation so that i can check that accordingly.

 If you open the application in service studio you can inspect the screen.

just standard OutSystems UI widgets

Hi Daniel,

Sorry for the delay in response. I was out of town. 

I have uploaded a gif file in here which explains exactly what i am trying to achieve. Can you check if our understand is the same and if so, can you point to the widgetId in your project that have this functionality achieved. I went through all the pages and couldnt find the right one.



Hi Daniel,

Did you got a change to look at my above comment. Looking forward to some help on this



No I didn't and today I also don't have time, I will have a look at it tomorrow.

Hi, friend.

I don't think I get what you need to do.

Can you explain better?

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