How to fix internal error dll  in free personal without opening support

In the example above, it is causing an internal error in the dll OutSystemsSampleDataDB.dll notice that in red, there is the name of the module that has the corrupted dll, most of the times we open support calls to solve this type of situation, as it is a free counter , we were unable to access the Platform folder, so we were limited to solving this type of internal problem, but I found a solution to solve on my own, without having to open a call...

Open the Service Center, search for the name of the module that is corrupted, in this case we will use for example the module OutSystemsSampleDataDB, when opening the module, look for the latest published version, as shown in the image below.

Then click on Publish, if everything goes well, you will publish the module, and return a message as shown in the example image!

Now just go back to the service studio and try to publish the module, do the same process if more errors appear, always looking for the name of the module.dll

Right after updating my platform to version, there were a series of internal errors in various modules, as my account is free, I did not have access to the internal files, and I always needed to open a ticket to resolve these errors, so I started in the service center and I had this idea, that I managed to solve the internal errors in several modules.

Thanks for your clue. It's help a lot.

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