Where do I find the Aggregate Canvas
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11.11.0 (Build 26459)

I am doing the training  module Blocks and Events. I am unable to complete step 2 at the top of mage 17 of the Exercise Guide for Blocks.  It refers to "Aggregate Canvas" which I can not find. I will appreciate it if someone can please advise me where to find this. "Aggregate Canvas". I attach an image from the exercise guide on blocks where this term is referred too.

I found the Issue. I took the incorrect option. "Fetch data from other sources" instead of "Fetch data from  Database"


Hi there Louis,

Hope you're doing well.

After right clicking on the EmployeeDetail Block and select the option Fetch Data From Database, you will see something like this:

Just click (left click) on that white space (meaning Aggregate Canvas), and a image will appear for you to select your entity:

Then you will need to select Department entity (step 2). It should appear in the list.

The Aggregate Canvas is the area in Service Studio where you can edit / manage your Aggregate.

Hope that this helps you!

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Hi Louis ,

"Click the Aggregate canvas and then select the Department Entity", 

Aggregate canvas refers to the popup where are all the entity definitions that you can implement in the module, not to a particular widget or element.


Jorge Orellana

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