Bell Notification with count and show popup in reactive web app
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Hello All,
I am new to out system and I want to build web application like Zomato, swiggy.
Purpose  like when any customer submitted the request then admin or respective vendor will get notification about order and count will increase. When clicked on notification from the list on popup new form will get opened. Notification get automatic increase without form refresh in outsystem reactive web app.

Hi Yogesh, 

Since you are new to OutSystems and what you want to achieve is a mechanism for handling notifications, I would recommend to divide it into small steps. I will provide you with a high-level path and you will need to work on the details of each step:

Assuming that you already the customer requests table created: 

Step 1) Associate the bell counter to the customer requests table count;

Step 2) Define the action that will be triggered when the user clicks one of the notifications, this action will open a popup with a form;

Step 3) Create an action that whenever a customer request record is created, an event occurs, that will refresh the customer requests data on the block where you have the counter.

So, basically, I just detailed a bit more about what you want to achieve. I know that you already have the 'big picture', now you just need to divide it into small steps.

Best Regards,
Paulo Z 

Thanks  Paulo Zacarias for your responsse,
I tried this one already but notification counter will get refreshed when page refresh.
I want to get count refresh when customer submit request.

Hi Yogesh,

If I understand clearly your need,

There is no way OutSystems will automatically know that there is a new notification. Screen changes automatically when you change the variables and model of the page, in this case you are adding a record to the Notifications entity (your screen is not listening the database).

But there are some solutions. The simpler one is to have a setInterval to refresh the notifications block from time to time. You can use this component (it's mobile but you can use it for Reactive) and every X seconds you call an action to query the Notifications entity and refresh the notifications block. 

The disadvantage of this solution is that you will be acessing the server even if there is no changes in the database. But most of the times there is no performance penalty. If you want a more robust solution, you can use external services as Firebase to raise an event to your page (more complex development).

I hope it helps you,


António Pereira

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